Vein Treatments

EndoVenous Laser Ablation Therapy™

EndoVenous Laser Ablation Therapy (EVLT) is a clinically proven, minimally-invasive procedure that teats varicose veins and underlying cause, venous reflux, with little or no discomfort. Your physician will treat the cause of varicose veins by ablating the saphenous vein using laser energy which is a highly concentrated beam of light energy causing the vein to close and rerouting blood to healthier veins. The procedure takes about 30 minutes in the office and has virtually no recovery time. Only local anesthesia is required. Patients are required to wear compression stockings for one week following treatment. Your pysician will also encourage you to walk 30 minutes a day following your procedure and restrict you to light activity for one week. This prcedur is covered by most insurance plans.

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Sclerotherapy treats varicose veins and spider veins by injecting liquid or foam with a very fine needle directly into the vein. The injected solution then causes the veins to close. Over time, the treated veins will fade providing a beautiful cosmetic result. Following treatment, compression stockings must be worn for one week and you can return to everyday activities almost immediately. The procedure takes about 30 minutes in the office and requires no anesthesia. Sclerotherapy is a tried and true method for treating unsightly or symptomatic leg veins.